Sydney prop making

At DecoWorks, we provide versatile prop making and decorative design services for the theatre, promotional displays and special events. Our extensive practical experience in the prop making field can help you realise your prop requirements quickly, reliably and a competitive price. No job is too small and all our work is quality guaranteed.


Our prop making expertise extends to the domestic market with the design and fabrication of decorative Art Deco security bars and other stylish décor products for the home and garden landscaping.

Art Deco security bars and grilles

The addition of decorative Art Deco security bars and grilles increases your security and is a simple and effective way to enhance the beauty and elegance of your home. For individual and stylish security bars and grilles talk with us first. Creating exciting and distinctive design is our passion.


Examples of some of our products can be found on the Art Deco security bars and grilles pages.

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Stainless steel armillary sphere

Japanese bridge

Prop aquarium fish mechanism

Japanese bridge

Decorative Japanese Bridge for Garden

Japanese bridge

Santa's Reindeer Feed Bag Game

Reindeer feed bags

Orpheum Art Deco security bars

Art Deco security bars

Previous projects with links to related technical information can also be found on the props page.

Art Deco Security
Entrance Facade





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