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At DecoWorks we provide specialised prop making and prop design services for the theatre and promotional displays. Our extensive practical experience in making stage props for live theatre and the opera stage can help you realise your props and display requirements quickly, reliably and at a competitive price.


Art Deco security bars and grilles

Our expertise extends to the domestic market with the design and fabrication of distinctive Art Deco style security bars and other décor props for home and garden landscaping. Our range of custom Art Deco designs are unique in the world. We are fully licensed (Master license #000105484) so you can feel secure in talking with us about selecting the best design for your home. Check out our SECURITY and DÉCOR sections for more details and examples of our work.


For those interested in Art Deco architecture our sister site, Sydney Art Deco Heritage, is well worth a visit.

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Below is a quick overview of recent projects or you can check out our Latest posts in the Deco-Blog.

ODEON window bars
Window Bars Upgrade

Plain window security bars upgraded to Decoworks ODEON design.

Window bars upgrade link
Floral style security door
Floral Security Door

A unique security door based on the floral lead light motif in the front door.

Unique security door link
Converted security door
Security Door Conversion

Existing security door re-designed to match front door deco design

Security door conversion link
Upgraded security door
Bespoke Security Door

Ugly mesh screen door replaced with bespoke design security door.

Bespoke security door link
Ashton screen door
Ashton Screen Door

Ashton style screen door designed to match existing front and side gates.

Ashton Screen Door link
Security Door Redesign
Security Door Redesign

An existing security door was redesigned to better suit an Art Deco home

Security door redesign link
Art Deco style front gate
Art Deco Style Front Gate

An Art Deco style front gate based on lead light door and windows.

Art Deco front gate link
Abstract Display Tree
Abstract Display Tree

A 2.4m high abstract display tree for a product launch made from 18mm MDF.

Abstract tree link
Reagh Bar folding security panels
Folding Security Panels

Art Deco style folding security panels for the Reagh Bar.

Reagh Bar Art Deco folding security panels link
Giant chicken egg
Oversize Chicken Egg

Oversize 60cm tall fibreglass chicken egg.

Oversize chicken egg link
Custom side gates
Ashton Style Side Gates

Ashton style side gates to match existing driveway gates

Ashton style side gates link
Giant sized Music Box
Giant Sized Music Box

Giant sized music box to have a live ballet dancer on top

Giant sized music box link
Giant crown table
Giant Crown Display Table

A giant crown shaped dispay table prop for a birthday cake

Giant crown prop link
Custom gates
Front Gates

Custom designed pillar lights and custom front gates with a stylised palm leaf motif.

Custom gates link
Concave table mirror
Concave table base

Concave table base for a large mirror top with LED lighting strips

Concave table base link
Daguerreotype Camera prop
Daguerreotype Camera

Practical period camera prop for NSW State Library exhibition.

Prop daguerreotype Camera link
Oversize Tiffany box
Oversize Tiffany Style Box

A dance competition prop for a young dancer

Oversize Tiffany box link
Removable secuirty bars
Removable Window Security Bars

ODEON style removable Art Deco window security bars

Removable security bars link
Giant number one
Interior Security Bars

Security bars fitted on the inside of some bathroom windows

Interior security bars link
PLAZA double entry front gates
PLAZA Entry Front Gates

PLAZA Art Deco front entry gates made in stainless steel

Plaza double entry gates
Restored security door
Refurbished Security Door

This restored side security door had been the victim of unsympathetic modifications over the years.

Restored security door link
Giant number one
Giant Number One

Free standing steel frame in the shape of a giant number one.

Giant number one prop link
Practical catapult
Practical Catapult

Small practical catapult for a theatrical production

Practical catapult prop link
Movie Camera prop
Movie Camera Prop

This prop movie camera was built for a recent theatre production.

Prop Movie Camera link
Odeon design
ODEON Security Doors

These ODEON style Art Deco double security doors enhance the front entrance to this terrace house.

Odeon desgn link
Silk flame campfire prop
Silk Flame Campfire Prop

A realistic campfire using the classic silk flame theatrical effect.

Silk flame campfire link
Asymmetric panel backdrop
Asymmetrical Panel Backdrop

A 3m x 2.4m backdrop of assorted asymmetrical panels hanging on a frame

Asymmetrical panel backdrop link
Theatre props
Theatre Props

Several small hand props built for the theatrical production of the 52 Storey Treehouse.

Theatre props link
Armillary sphere
Stainless Steel Armillary

A polished DecoWorks armillary sphere mounted on a custom hardwood clad support.

Polished armillary sphere link
Oversize music box
Oversize Music Box

Oversize music box dancer base which will have a live ballet dancer dancing on top when the crank handle is turned.

Music box link
Armillary garden prop
Garden Armillary Prop

A DecoWorks armiilary sphere with raw brushed metal finish

Armillary garden prop link
Regent design
REGENT Security Doors

The REGENT Art Deco double security doors with integrated side frames.

Regent design link