Security Door Conversion

Completed conversion

A major renovation on an Inner West semi led the owner to want to replace the existing steel security door. To keep costs down we suggested to retain the existing installation but replace the bars with a new design that reflected the design of the front door.

The front door had a circular glass window surrounded by rectangular glass panels. The door was carefully measured along with the security door and a new design drawn up to reflect the front door.

The existing security door and surround was removed and taken to the workshop where the bars were cut out to accommodate the new design. The frame of the existing security door had been powder coated and this all had to be removed before any work could commence. A quote to get the frame sand blasted was extremely excessive so it had to be done by hand. Tedious but effective.

After the new design had been set up in the frame and welded in place the door was cold gal primed before applying a second primer coat and then two top coats to complete the build.

Cutting out existing bars from frame
Cleaned frame with new design jigged in
Original security door showing open front door

Bespoke Security Door

View of security door from inside house

This Sydney Inner West semi had an unattractive screen door the owner wanted replaced with a steel security door. The front door had an interesting round glass window and glass panels in the form of a cross so we decided to make the design of the security door reflect that of the existing front door.

After carefully measuring the front door a design was developed that would integrate with the front door. It was an uneventful build as we have done several of this style of door in the past.

After laying out the design and welding it together the door was painted and taken to the house and installed. The new door made a massive improvement to the look of the entrance to the house.

New security door with same pattern as front door
The original aluminium mesh screen door

Window Bars Upgrade

ODEON design on double window

The new owner of a ground floor Sydney apartment was very unhappy with the standard window security bars that had been installed by the previous owner. We were approached to make something a little more stylish. Several design options were presented to the owner and it was decided to go with our Art Deco ODEON design.

To simplify the build and avoid putting more holes in the aged brickwork it was suggested to keep the original steel frames and attaching points and simply remove the old vertical bars and replace them with the ODEON design.

The old bars were removed and taken to the workshop where the old bars were cut out. The new design was assembled and jigged into the old frames and welded together.

Because of the exposed position we decided to have the window bars hot dip galvanised to ensure long term resistance to corrosion. Once back from the galvanisers the bars were reinstalled into their original position to the delight of the owner.

Single window ODEON bars ready for fitting to frames
Original double window security bars were not very attractive

Window bars after galvanising
ODEON design on single window