Floral Security Door

Completed Security door

This Inner West home in Sydney has beautiful lead light windows in the front door which the owner wanted incorporated into a security door. The main floral motif of the lead light door panel was used as a starting point for the design.

Once the design was completed and approved by the client work started making all the intricate curves from 12mm solid steel bar. The small leaves were challenging to make because of their varied and tight radius curves. There were four separate bending operations needed to make them. Once all the parts were finished they were assembled in a jig on the work bench before being welding together.

The completed door captures the sinuous flow of vines and leaves weaving up from floral blooms.

Laying out design
Laying out the design
Lead light panel
Lead light front door panel

Original front screen door
View looking out from house

Security Door Conversion

Completed conversion

A major renovation on an Inner West semi led the owner to want to replace the existing steel security door. To keep costs down we suggested to retain the existing installation but replace the bars with a new design that reflected the design of the front door.

The front door had a circular glass window surrounded by rectangular glass panels. The door was carefully measured along with the security door and a new design drawn up to reflect the front door.

The existing security door and surround was removed and taken to the workshop where the bars were cut out to accommodate the new design. The frame of the existing security door had been powder coated and this all had to be removed before any work could commence. A quote to get the frame sand blasted was extremely excessive so it had to be done by hand. Tedious but effective.

After the new design had been set up in the frame and welded in place the door was cold gal primed before applying a second primer coat and then two top coats to complete the build.

Cutting out existing bars from frame
Cleaned frame with new design jigged in
Original security door showing open front door

Bespoke Security Door

View of security door from inside house

This Sydney Inner West semi had an unattractive screen door the owner wanted replaced with a steel security door. The front door had an interesting round glass window and glass panels in the form of a cross so we decided to make the design of the security door reflect that of the existing front door.

After carefully measuring the front door a design was developed that would integrate with the front door. It was an uneventful build as we have done several of this style of door in the past.

After laying out the design and welding it together the door was painted and taken to the house and installed. The new door made a massive improvement to the look of the entrance to the house.

New security door with same pattern as front door
The original aluminium mesh screen door

Window Bars Upgrade

ODEON design on double window

The new owner of a ground floor Sydney apartment was very unhappy with the standard window security bars that had been installed by the previous owner. We were approached to make something a little more stylish. Several design options were presented to the owner and it was decided to go with our Art Deco ODEON design.

To simplify the build and avoid putting more holes in the aged brickwork it was suggested to keep the original steel frames and attaching points and simply remove the old vertical bars and replace them with the ODEON design.

The old bars were removed and taken to the workshop where the old bars were cut out. The new design was assembled and jigged into the old frames and welded together.

Because of the exposed position we decided to have the window bars hot dip galvanised to ensure long term resistance to corrosion. Once back from the galvanisers the bars were reinstalled into their original position to the delight of the owner.

Single window ODEON bars ready for fitting to frames
Original double window security bars were not very attractive

Window bars after galvanising
ODEON design on single window

Ashton Screen Door

View from inside house

Ashton Screen Door Silhouette

Several years ago we refurbished the front gate and driveway gates for a client. We also made some matching double side gates for the side of the house. The client was very happy with these past projects so recently we were contacted again to replace an ugly screen door with a new Ashton screen door with the same style as the previous work we did.

The Ashton Style is made from 16mm square steel with the aluminium insect screen secured by a 13mm steel framework attached to the main frame using 5mm countersunk stainless steel screws.

As is usual with older homes the doorway was not square. It was tilted ~8mm from the vertical which, although it seems a tiny amount, becomes glaringly obvious when fitted with a rectangular frame that is square. Building a crooked frame to compensate for this requires a lot of patience and care. It can be quite stressful once a door is made and being installed wondering if it will fit as planned. It is a great feeling when everything is bolted in position and all the gaps on both sides are uniform.

Old screen door

Original Screen Door

Custom Screen door

New Ashton Screen Door

Deco Style Front Gate

Deco style gate

New Deco Style Gate

Art Deco style renovations to pre WW2 suburban homes is popular in the inner suburbs of Sydney. The owners of this home had rebuilt the front brick fence and wanted a new deco front gate that suited the Deco style of their house.

The lead light glass in the windows and front door provided the inspiration for this particular gate design. It is unusual in that it is an inverted Art Deco fan design. It is more usual having the upward pointing fan motif.

The new gate was made using 304 stainless steel which will ensure an extremely long life free from corrosion. A custom hinge and latch arrangement was devised to allow the gate to be installed in the middle of the new brick fence pillars.

New Hinge Arrangemnt

New Hinge Arrangemnt

Gate latch

New Gate Latch Arrangement

LEad Light Front Door

Front Door Lead Light

Window lead light

Window Lead Light

Security Door Redesign

Redesigned security door

I received a call from a client who was renovating their home in an Art Deco style. They had installed a new front door with a porthole window along with small paneled windows flanking the side. The existing wrought iron scrolled security door just didn’t look right.

They asked if we could design a more appropriate security door. The existing security door was is very good condition so I suggested modifying its design to save the expense of having to make a new door.

The first job was to have the old security door sandblasted to remove the decades of accumulated paint layers and surface rust. Next, the old wrought iron scroll work was cut from the frame leaving the central area open. The new design mirrored the porthole window in the door and also aligned with the window frames either side.

The picture on the left shows the new design laid out in the existing door frame. Care had to be taken so as not to distort the frame when welding in the new section as this could cause difficulties when reinstalling the security door back onto its original hinges.

After the new design was welded into place the whole door was given two coats of zinc rich cold gal paint. After the cold gal had dried a metal primer coat was applied in preparation for the top coat. The final two top coats were allowed a week to dry completely before installing the door back on the clients house.

The picture below shows the before and after views of the front security door. The new design is a vast improvement on the original design and integrates very well with the new front door and side windows.

Plaza Art Deco Gates

New Plaza style Art Deco front gates

The front gates to this Sydney suburban block of flats were looking very much the worse for wear so the owners decided to replace them with a set of Plaza Art Deco Gates. The Plaza style is our most popular design with its classic Art Deco fan motif complimenting the style of many older buildings built in the 1930’s and 40’s.

The old gates were heavily rusted so it was decided to spend a little bit more and make the new gates using stainless steel. This will ensure a very long service life with minimum maintenance.

stainless steel gate construction
Laying out the design in stainless steel

Firstly the design of each gate was drawn onto the setup bench and each part cut and fixed in position. Every part in the Plaza design is different. The cutting and bending of parts and setting up prior to welding everything together is a time consuming process.

Completed stainless steel gates
Completed double entry gates ready for painting

The photo on the right shows the assembled double entry gates with their support brackets ready for painting. There was another single entry gate built for the side entrance of the building. This was larger than the double entry gates so it was made separately.

Stabilising cracked brickwork
Stabilising cracked brickwork

Over the years there had been damage done to the brickwork in the fence of the building which left broken mortar and loose bricks in the side gate support column. These had been patched in a less than satisfactory manner. Before the new gate could be attached polyester masonry adhesive was injected into the damaged areas to stabilise the broken bricks and provide a solid support for the new gate.

Below shows the old gate compared to the new Plaza gate.

Old gate and new gate
Comparison of the old gate and new gate

The double entry main gates were installed with a minimum of effort as the brickwork was in a much better condition. Because of the age of the bricks it was decided to use Chemset studs to attach the gate support rails to the bricks. These studs put no localised stresses on the bricks unlike dynabolts which can crack old bricks if over tightened.

The completed double entry gates are shown below.

Double entry front gates
Double entry front gate comparison