Art Deco Chandelier


Regent Theatre Art Deco chandelier

Regent Theatre Art Deco chandelier

The Art Deco chandelier that was salvaged from the demolition of Sydney’s Regent Theatre in 1990 has an interesting history. The Art Deco chandelier was made by Baccarat and was the centrepiece of their pavilion at the 1925 “Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs et Industriels Modernes” in Paris. This important exhibition was the birth of the Art Deco movement and, as a result, makes the chandelier of world significance and a unique piece of Art Deco history.

Art Deco chandelier in pieces

Stored in pieces for many years in cardboard boxes in a basement in Sydney it was recently reassembled to prepare it for sale. In December 2010 it was sold to a buyer in Paris and the chandelier left Australia for good. More details and photos of the chandelier can be found on this page.

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