Japanese Bridge Posts and Rails


The next step of making the Japanese bridge posts and rails has now been completed. The rails are curved and have been cut to be concentric with the curve of the main bridge support arch. They are fitted between the five bridge posts using mortise and tenon joints. The mortises were cut using a chisel mortiser machine which saved a lot of time.

After they have been painted with a timber preservative the posts and rails will be bolted to the main support arch using 10mm stainless steel bolts. These will ensure a corrosion free life from moisture and the chemicals used in the H4 treated timber used to construct the bridge.

The next step will be fitting cross members to join the two arch sections together (including the posts and rails) in readiness to fitting the floor planks. Before the are attached to the bridge, steel supports have to be made that will support the bridge at each end in concrete footings. This has more to do with keeping the weight down until the bridge has been mounted on its footings. After the concrete has cured the planks can be fitted.

Chisel mortiser machine

Drilling square holes with the chisel mortiser.

Posts and rails

Post and rail cutting completed

Fitting rails and posts

Fitting the posts and rails to one of the bridge main support arches

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