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Smeagal (aka Gollum)

Smeagal (aka Gollum)

I recently saw many feature film props when I visited the Weta Cave in Miramar, Wellington. Miramar is a suburb of Wellington which is the heart of the film industry in New Zealand. The Weta Cave is a showroom of some of the film props and creatures that the company has created for movies including “King Kong” and “The Lord of the Rings”.

Precious film props

Walking in you are greeted by a life size model of Smeagal from “The Lord of the Rings”. He is every bit as creepy in the flesh as he appears on screen. There is a wide range of film props and fine sculpture work available that you can purchase. Many are very collectable and surprisingly affordable. The skill of the craftspeople is really extraordinary and the attention to detail mind numbing.

If you are in Wellington is well worth a visit. Entry is free and there is a fascinating 20 minute video presentation of behind the scenes film props work that the company has been involved with over the years. You can also purchase top quality sculptures of your favourite characters if you so desire.

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