Galvanised Steel

Galvanised iron verandah

Raw galvanised chic

Call me old fashioned but I cannot understand why people choose raw galvanised steel for renovations. It just reeks of penny pinching and looks awful. Galvanised steel is fantastic for high voltage power line towers, electricity substations and bridges. The choice of using it on the first floor verandah of this trendy hotel left me struck dumb when I saw it the other day.

The balustrades look as if they are some sort of heavy duty sewer grate which have been bolted shamelessly to the exposed steel “H” girders by equally exposed bolts. The galvanised steel is ageing nicely and has acquired a dull, drab grey pall that is almost as exciting as the colour of raw concrete. I guess this “industrial look” is very fashionable however, in my view, it has had the opposite effect on the hotel. It gives it a Third World look.

How improve this galvanised steel?

This is one disaster which would need a lot of painting and paneling to improve the look. I am still staggered that anyone would choose such a balustrade and material. They should remove the balustrade grates and replace them with glass. At least it would lighten the look and open up the verandah. The H girders and exposed bolts really could be dressed up a bit to make it look more finished. All this would cost a lot of money so it wont happen – we all have to live with the eyesore.