Giant Size High Chair

Giant size high chair

Giant size high chair showing tray in the open and closed position

A recent fun project was the making of this giant size high chair. Standing two metres tall it was designed to seat an adult. From a concept drawing provided by the client this high chair was built using 40mm RHS steel so that someone could easily climb in and out. The tray section was hinged to facilitate this action.

The only tricky part of the project was achieving the 150mm radius bends on the frame top corners and the tray that were called for in the design.

Bending 40mm RHS steel tube to this radius is next to impossible and severely distorts the tube. Mandrel bending with thick gauge steel was an option but the cost of this was prohibitive. The final solution was to make the round sections from timber that slotted into the steel framework of the high chair.

Timber corners for the top frame

Timber corners were the only way to achieve the tight radius bends required for the top of the frame.

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