Headstone Lettering repair

Refurbished headstone

Repaired headstone lettering

All too often the final resting place of our loved ones succumb to the ravishes of time resulting in the need for headstone lettering repair. The headstone letters of this particular grave had been repaired in the past however the job was not up to scratch and the letters had deteriorated again.

We have found that the best solution to approach this type of repair is to fill the voids of the letters with a polyester adhesive filler. This adheres firmly to the base stone and is unaffected by temperature variations and water resulting in a long lasting repair.

You can see in the pictures below how the black paint used in the first repair attempt has dried and peeled away from many of the letters. The first step in the repair was to remove all the old paint in the headstone inscription.

Grave prior to refurbishment

The flaking headstone lettering before the repair

Detail of letters before repair

Detail of headstone letters before repair

Cleaned letters

Lettering cleaned and masked

Epoxy filler application

Letters filled with polyester adhesive filler

Sanding back the polyester filler

Sanding back the polyester filler

Refurbished Headstone letters detail

Refurbished headstone lettering

As long as the base stone is in good condition and the letter shapes are clean an excellent result can be achieved. More examples of similar repairs can be found in this post .

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