Japanese Bridge for Garden

Japanese garden bridge

Japanese bridge for the garden

Here is the completed Japanese bridge for a gully garden. The most complex task in building the bridge was making the bridge arch. Treated pine was used throughout to make the Japanese bridge with the timber having two coats of timber preservative applied after it was assembled to ensure a long life being exposed to the elements.

When the bridge arch was finished the posts and rails were cut and then assembled to check everything fitted together. The posts and rails were then removed and the bridge frame was fixed in position with concrete footings . After leaving the concrete to cure for a few days the posts and rails were bolted back into position with stainless steel bolts and the foot planks were attached using stainless steel screws. The bridge was then given two coats of oil based enamel before fitting the custom oriental finials to the tops of the bridge posts.

Two small steps were built on either end of the bridge to make it easier to step on and off the bridge. Due to the curve of the arch the Japanese bridge was a little steep at both ends hence the need for steps.

Oriental style finials

Custom made Oriental style finials

Bridge steps

Steps for easier access to bridge

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