Modern Steel Verandah

steel verandah

Industrial look verandah

This steel verandah would look great in a warehouse or on a bridge. As a steel verandah on a two storey Victorian terrace it somehow misses the mark. Even the addition of a heritage coloured paint job in lieu of the existing raw galvanised finish would do little to soften the overall effect of the construction.

This steel verandah is highly unlikely to collapse.

Some steel verandah suggestions

The whole look of the steel verandah needs to be softened considerably. The galvanised finish and brutal connection of the individual parts is way too industrial for this Victorian terrace. Timber panelling covering the *H* girder voids and bolt heads would be a start. Next the metal mesh should also be covered with plain painted panels. Some sort of corner treatment would help soften the *square* metallic look. Repainting with a colour scheme that highlighted the paneling and corner treatment would keep a modern look but tone it into the buildings brickwork a bit better.

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