New Mobile Friendly DecoWorks Website


Decoworks responsive website images

The new look DecoWorks responsive website showing three different views

A fresh and new mobile friendly DecoWorks website has just been uploaded to the Web.

Our old table based site was inflexible and difficult to read on smaller screens, such as tablets and smartphones, so an upgrade and redesign was essential to keep pace with the ongoing technological advances being made in these areas.

The new responsive site adjusts the size of images, text and layout to suit the different sized screens people are using. These can range from mobiles, tablets to laptops and desktops.

A big challenge was to make sure the site looked the same on the many different browsers that are used today. The older versions of some browsers may not render things correctly because the rules have evolved since their original release. Please let us know if any strange things seem to be happening along with the browser type and version.

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