Oversize Chicken Eggs


Giant chicken egg

Giant chicken egg

These oversize chicken eggs were made for a theatrical production. The oversize eggs are 60cm high and made from fibreglass for strength so they can be sat on.

The first step was carving a polystyrene oversize egg so a fibreglass mould could be made. The mould construction is described in another post. After the mould was finished two oversize eggs were cast. After the fibreglass halves were joined together they were painted.

One of the oversize eggs was made with a broken top so something could *hatch* from it on stage.

Assembled cracked egg

Assembled cracked egg

Cracked egg with top removed

Cracked egg with top removed

6 thoughts on “Oversize Chicken Eggs

  1. Hi there,

    We are looking for a giant egg for a dragon themed pop up in mid-April and this looks perfect. Would you please be able to send through cost of one egg and also the dimensions please.


    • Hi Hannah, thanks for the enquiry. The eggs are 650mm high and 510mm wide. I will email you the costs today.

  2. Hi, perfect dimensions for what I need. I’ve been looking for an egg prop for my sons birthday in october. What is the cost? Also would it be possible that the crack is more toward the bottom of the egg as oppose to the top?

    • Hi Taniesa, thanks for the enquiry. Yes I can move the crack lower and have emailed you the to total cost for the prop.

    • Hi Melissa, thanks for the enquiry. The egg would cost AUD660.00 (inc GST). Being made of fibreglass the materials are expensive and there is quite a bit of work joining the two halves. If you wanted the “breakable” variety it would cost an additional AUD150.00 as the interior has to be cleaned up after the whole egg has been cut as if broken.

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