Polished Armillary Sphere

Armillary sphere

Stainless steel armillary sphere on garden wall

Here is another installation of a DecoWorks polished armillary sphere. This polished armillary has a high lustre so it sparkles in the sunlight. Each sphere is built for a specific latitude so that the earth axis is parallel to the real world north/south axis.

Further information can be found on the page relating to the armillary’s construction details.

Stainless steel was chosen for the armillary’s construction because this particular sphere was going to Australia’s Gold Coast where the salt spray would destroy any other material over time. This polished armillary sphere makes a fascinating focal point to the entrance gate and will look *as new* for many years to come.

The armillary sphere (from the Latin “armillae”, or bracelet) is a representation of the celestial sphere with the Earth at its centre. It was used by ancient astronomers to describe the motions of the stars and planets relative to the Earth. Their use and development had reached a zenith during the Renaissance. In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries the armillary sphere was more than ever a necessary accessory of the gentleman’s study or library.

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