Prop Beer Mugs


Realistic prop beer mugs

Realistic prop beer mugs

There is a need for realistic prop beer mugs for drinking scenes in stage productions that will not break or spill liquid everywhere. There is always a tavern scene needing beer mugs or a cocktail party or grand ball happening in opera that needs champagne. Here is an easy technique to make realistic prop beer mugs that works really well.

A simple prop beer mug solution

Liquids on stage are a hassle and so is glass. Here is how to make non breakable, non spillable realistic prop beer mugs that will be ideal for your next tavern scene.

Step 1
Get some acrylic beers mugs. There is a huge range of acrylic drink-ware available today that really look like glass. They are very useful for use on the stage.

Step 2
Paint the inside wall of the acrylic mug with some orange/brown glass paint. Rosco make a good transparent paint called Colorine which comes in several excellent colours.

Step 3
Cut a thin disc of stiff, clear transparency plastic and carefully hot glue it around the top of the paint line on the inside of the acrylic mug.

Step 4
Fluff up some cotton wool and glue it to the top of the plastic inside the mug.

Voila! Beer mugs with a permanent head!