Removable End Section


Sometimes items need to be dismantled for transport so long prop items, such as staffs, spears etc, need to have a removable end section. There are several ways to approach this problem which will depend on how the prop will be used. The most secure choice is to use a bolt that screws the two pieces together. This approach ensures the end won’t fall out or drop off at the wrong time.

The following steps illustrate how to make a screw joint for a staff with an intricate end such as our recent Janna’s staff. The end needed to be removed for transport to protect it as well as to make it more manageable for transport.

Welding the nut

Preparing for welding the nut

The first step is to cut a thick steel washer (1) to fit inside the steel tube that will fit over the end of the wooden dowel of the staff. The nut is held in position with a small bolt (2) and then is welded to the washer (3). The washer/nut assembly will fit onto the end of the steel tube as shown (4). A larger washer is used to align the nut assembly with the end of the steel tube.

Welding the nut end

Welding the nut assembly to the steel tube

Several holes are drilled around the end of the steel tube (1) so that the nut (or bolt head) is exposed when fitted into the steel tube (2). The nut (or bolt head) is welded to the steel tube and the welds smoothed (3). The holes are then filled and sanded smooth (4).

Completed removable end piece

Completed removable end piece

The same procedure is repeated on the second steel tube but this time a bolt is used instead of a nut (1). One steel end is fastened to the dowel staff shaft. The dowel diameter is the same as the steel tube so the dowel needs to have its diameter reduced to slip inside the steel tube. It is then filled and sanded to look like a continuous length of dowel .The two steel tube sections can now screw together to form a strong connection (2).

The other steel section was fitted inside the staff fibreglass end piece. When the two pieces are screwed together there is no noticeable join.

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