Santa Sleigh

The above video shows Santa in his new sleigh driving around Westfield Eastgardens in Sydney on November 12th, 2011.

The prop sleigh required a side entry door so a steel framework was required to provide the necessary rigidity and strength for the sleigh body. The steel support framework was tailor made for the mobility scooter and was located in place by metal tabs over the rear bumper bar and a cross brace just behind the steering wheel.

To keep the weight down light gauge angle iron was used and thin plywood box section adopted for the construction.

The finished prop Santa sleigh is simply lifted up and over the mobility scooter and located in position with its metal tabs. It looks cute and is fun to drive.

Following below are shown the various stages of construction of the sleigh.

Santa sleigh sides

1) Bracing the thin plywood sides of the sleigh with formed pine sections.

Fitting support frame to scooter

2) Fitting the steel support frame to the scooter. This will provide a rigid base for the timber framework.

Assembling santa sleigh

3) Fitting the ply side sections to the steel framework.

Preparing sleigh ends

4) Both side sections are attached and cross supports have been fitted. Ply sections can now be attached to fit the curved end sections

Timber work completed

5) All the timber work is completed. Painting is the next step.

Santa sleigh undercoated

6) The sleigh has been undercoated and is ready for final painting

Santa sleigh painted red

7) The red base colour has been applied

Masking the sleigh trim

8) After the sleigh had been masked all the edge trim was painted green.

Painting has been completed.

9) Painting has been completed. The sleigh is ready for attaching the bling.

View of the rear of the completed sleigh

Rear view of the completed Santa sleigh with its gold skids attached.

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