Reindeer Feed Bag Game

Reindeer feed bag game

Santa's reindeer feed bag game

Just finished building this Santa’s reindeer feed bag game for a client who will be using it to entertain children in the lead up to Christmas. They have to throw balls into a reindeer feed bag to win prizes.

Each reindeer feed bag is made from calico with a leather buckled strap and has the reindeer’s name on the front (Donner and Vixen are absent as is Rudolph).

Each reindeer feed bag hangs by a leather strap off one of the three tiered hitching rails. Hessian sacks full of “magic” feed are placed either side of the hitching rails as a bit of set dressing. Balls will be thrown into the bags by the children.

Each feed bag has 25mm jingle bells attached around the top rim so that they make a noise when the balls get thrown in.

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