Star Wars Exhibition


Devastator Star Destroyer

Devastator Star Destroyer

I checked out the Star Wars exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum at Darling Harbour here in Sydney today. What a fantastic exhibition! A great mix of Star Wars movie models, props, costumes and informative “behind the scenes” video presentations and lots of *hands on* experimental stuff for the kids. I had more than my fair share on the practical hovercraft demonstration ride.

Star Wars props

It was fascinating looking at some of the props and the detail in the spacecraft models, particularly the original ones that were used before CGI became all the rage. Many of the original Star Wars props were on display and it just goes to show what can be achieved with a big bucket of money.

If your in Sydney it’s worth a look but you better be quick because it finishes at the end of April. The exhibition then moves to Melbourne and opens on 4th June until 3rd November 2009.

Star Wars R2-D2 prop


Star Wars C3-PO


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