Sydney Dance Company Show

Above is a short video showing the dancers props being used in the SDC production of “Are We That We Are”

Sydney Dance Company double billTwo new works from the Sydney Dance Company premiere on March 23rd 2010. The first work by Rafael Bonachela, “6 Breaths”, is set to a newly commissioned score by Italian composer Ezio Bosso. The second, “Are We That We Are”, is a physical exploration into the existence of altered states of consciousness within human experience created and performed in by Adam Linder. The costume designs were realised by Jordan Askhill.

The costume props for the production were produced by DecoWorks in close collaboration with the designer.

4 thoughts on “Sydney Dance Company Show

    • Thanks again Kate. I’ve embedded it in the post. The opening night performance was exciting with a partial standing ovation. “6 Breaths” was spell binding. A great night of dance.

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