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Responsive design Wollemia website

We usually apply our design skills to theatrical props and Art Deco security bars so it was a nice change to be offered the opportunity to design a website for the Wollemia Urology Centre in Gosford.

Rather than starting from scratch you can save yourself a lot of time by using one of the huge variety of website templates available on the Internet. There are many free templates available and for a small fee you can purchase one with a bit more pizzaz. There is a tendency for websites to have lots of “bells and whistles” which can get tedious to wade through so our approach to the design was to keep it as simple as possible while still maintaining an appealing and distinctive look.

The biggest challenge in using templates is deciding what features you don’t want to use. This is made doubly difficult with huge CSS style sheets that have been written to accommodate every feature in a template. Searching through the style sheets trying to find the code that will adjust a font to just so with just the right colour can get very time consuming. Its a bit of a learning curve to get things to do what they were not intended to do in the original template.

We based the site on the free Proximet responsive website by Anariel Design. This offered a clean basic structure that was quite easy to adapt to our purposes. The usual way to build a site is to have all the content and build the site around it. We approached it from the other direction by seeing how the pages where structured and creating content to fit. It was a more organic approach and the site slowly evolved into its final form as it was literally sculpted into shape. The only Java script we retained was for the image slider on the homepage. It’s use on the other pages were felt to be too much of a distraction.

When you have finished a site *always* do a spell check *and* get somebody else to proof read it for you. After days of staring at code the most glaring errors can be invisible to you until pointed out. Once all the content was finished SEO issues then reared their ugly head. SEO is another steep learning curve which really stretches the limits of your command of the English language.