Window Bars Upgrade

ODEON design on double window

The new owner of a ground floor Sydney apartment was very unhappy with the standard window security bars that had been installed by the previous owner. We were approached to make something a little more stylish. Several design options were presented to the owner and it was decided to go with our Art Deco ODEON design.

To simplify the build and avoid putting more holes in the aged brickwork it was suggested to keep the original steel frames and attaching points and simply remove the old vertical bars and replace them with the ODEON design.

The old bars were removed and taken to the workshop where the old bars were cut out. The new design was assembled and jigged into the old frames and welded together.

Because of the exposed position we decided to have the window bars hot dip galvanised to ensure long term resistance to corrosion. Once back from the galvanisers the bars were reinstalled into their original position to the delight of the owner.

Single window ODEON bars ready for fitting to frames
Original double window security bars were not very attractive

Window bars after galvanising
ODEON design on single window

Interior Window Security Bars

Inside view of bathroom windows

Inside view of bathroom window security bars

Many older style homes and units have outward opening bathroom windows which makes it difficult to install suitable security bars. The solution we offered a client was to install them on the inside of the bathroom windows.

Interior security bar installations present their own set of difficulties not least of which is being able to open and close the windows which are now behind the bars.

These particular windows have a long arm which needed to be able to swing up from the locked position and then pivot out to push the window open. This was achieved by using a cross motif in the design which allows the opening arm to be manipulated through the open areas of the bars.

Window opening arm operation.

Window opening arm operation.

Exterior view of bathroom windows

Exterior view of bathroom windows

Removable Window Security Bars

removable window security bars

The Art Deco style removable window security bars

A client wanted some Art Deco style removable security bars for her bathroom windows. Because it was a block of flats she wanted the removable bars mounted on the inside of the windows so that the outside appearance of the building wasn’t affected.

The security bars use a simple ODEON Art Deco design which is mirrored in the opposite window to achieve a more balanced look.

The removable bars are held in position by brackets fixed into the bottom of the window frames and locked in position by two standard window locks attached to the top section of the security bar frames. The bars can be removed by removing the two pins in the locks and pivoting them forward and out of the bottom brackets.

The pictures below illustrate how the removable bars are fitted/removed.

windows before security bar installation

Bathroom windows before security bar installation

Bottom brackets to hold security bars in position

Bottom brackets to hold security bars in position

Detailed view of a bottom bracket which secures the base

Detailed view of a bottom bracket which secures the base

security bars into the bottom brackets

Fitting the security bars into the bottom brackets

Locking the bars in position

Locking the bars in position with the top securing pin

securing pin locked in position

The second bar securing pin locked in position

Arched Window Louvre Shutters

Arched window shutters

Arched window shutters

An upstairs verandah in a Sydney terrace had a bare brick opening in its side wall which the owner decided needed some louvre shutters. The owner had some discarded louvre doors available and we were approached to see if they could be recycled and used to make a set of louvre shutters for the wall opening.

The louvre doors were cut to size and fitted with arch sections which matched a timber frame that was built to fit inside the wall opening. Once the window frame had been painted it was fitted into the wall opening and fixed in position with black epoxy filler. Epoxy was used because the wall opening was not square and the arched top not a perfect circle arc resulting in clearance variations between the bricks and the wooden window frame.

As can be seen from the photo below the addition of the decorative window shutters was a major improvement to the overall look of the home.

Original opening in the upstairs verandah wall

Original opening in the upstairs verandah wall

Verandah view of window shutters

View of the window shutters from the verandah

Stainless Steel Security Grille

Artistic stainless steel window security grille

Artistic stainless steel window security grille installation

This unique artistic stainless steel security grille makes a very stylish addition to this family home in Sydney. The brief from the client was that she did not want traditional security bars on the front lounge room window because it would feel like living in a cage. In collaboration with the client the design evolved into a sinuous web of leafy vines.

Stainless steel was chosen for the construction to ensure a long and corrosion free life. Using flat bar gave the design a light and airy look while still maintaining a strong structure. More information on the stainless steel security grille construction can be found here.

Detail of the artistic security grille

Detail of the artistic security grille

Artistic Security Bars

Artistic security grille painted and ready for installation

Artistic security grille painted and ready for installation

Started work making artistic security bars for a front window today. The client did not want anything resembling security bars to avoid that *caged in* feeling. It was particularly important for the this window as it is quite large at 2.2m x 1.5m and looks out from the lounge room onto the street. The final design evolved into a sinuos group of ivy vines with no straight lines.

Long term corrosion was of concern for the client so these artistic security bars are made from stainless steel. They will outlive the house.

Stainless steel is an excellent material to use for custom security doors and bars which, because they are one-offs, are more expensive to build. By spending a bit more for stainless steel materials the client is guaranteed a product that will stand the test of time and be a sound long term investment for their property.

Welding the stainless steel parts together proved to be a difficult job. The design is all curves which had to be joined together seamlessly. Each weld was executed and smoothed one at a time because most of the welds would be inaccessible in the completed grille. To reduce warping the grille was welded in sections with the outer frame being the last part attached. The welding process took three days.

Starting work cutting and bending curves

Starting work cutting and bending curves for the artistic security grille

artistic security bars welding setup

All the stainless steel parts setup ready for welding

Welding artistic security bars

Welding the artistic security grille in sections to reduce warping

Completed artistic security bars

Completed artistic security grille with primer coat.


Inter-war Art Deco Security Bars

The Carlysle style Art Deco security bar design

The owners of this Potts Point inter-war apartment block wanted to replace the existing contemporary window security bars with an Art Deco style more sympathetic with the heritage of the building. The existing bars, a modern addition, added nothing to the buildings character and were likened to “Play School” windows.

A new custom design was developed from an original wrought iron side security door which had survived from when the building was originally built. The most prominent feature was a wave pattern across the top of the door above two opposing scroll features. This motif became the basis of the new design for the window security bars for the building.

To keep costs down the original security bar outer frames and anchor points were retained. The old bars were cut out and the new design was fitted inside the old frames. This greatly simplified the subsequent re-installation of the security bars. The original side security door was also restored and this is described in another post.

Comparison of before/after security bars at the front of the building

Rear security windows

Here is a before/after view of the rear of the building which faces Greenknowe Avenue