Kitchen Security Bars

Kitchen window security bars

External view of the kitchen window security bars

This kitchen security bars installation features an arched motif and is known as the “Princess” design.

Each section of the kitchen security bars has its own arch motif. This approach looks much better than the usual vertical bars spread across the entire width of the window.

The view from inside the kitchen security bars (shown below) has a pleasing outlook and doesn’t give the impression of looking out of a cage.

The “Princess” design can be easily adapted to suit any window or door and makes a stylish addition to your home.

Kitchen security bars inside view

Inside view of the kitchen window security bars

Arch Theme Security Bars

Here are some photos of a recent Princess arch theme security bars installation. These arch themed security bars were inspired by the arched windows and door on the front facade of the Sydney terrace house pictured below. Other windows in the house also have arched sections which have been mirrored in their respective security bars.

Bedroom doors closed

Double bedroom doors closed

View of the double arch balcony doors

View of the double arch balcony doors

View of the double arched dining room window bars

View of the double arched dining room window bars

Front view of house

Front view of terrace with bars fitted

The Princess arch theme in these DecoWorks designs is uncommon due to the extra work involved in making several concentric curves of various diameters. Usually there is a single arch within a rectangular door frame. In our designs the arch theme is emphasised by using an arched door frame instead of a rectangular one.

Window Security Bars

Window security bars for bathroom

Replica window security bars are on the left

Here is a recent and very simple window bars installation.

The client was renting an apartment in a strata block which did not have window bars on the bathroom window which faced the common property and was very accessable.

They had permission from the owner to install some window security bars as long as they blended with others in the complex.

It was a straightforward job to replicate the adjoining apartments bathroom window bars so they did not detract from the overall look of the common area in the strata block.

Detail of bathroom window security bars

Detail of bathroom window security bars

Block A Window

Block a window

Blocking out a window

There are times when you need to block a window. The attempt shown in the photo is unimaginative and uses far too many wooden corner brackets from Bunnings. If that wasn’t bad enough to block a window they have used a piece of unfinished cheap plywood as a cover. To really make it look terrible they have used walnut wood stain which highlights the tacky grain pattern of the plywood.

No effort has been made to hide the screw heads securing everything and the name (photoshopped out to save embarrassment!) are large brass house letters, also from Bunnings.

No way to block a window

There are two of these windows that have been blocked in this manner and, being quite large, are a real eyesore on an otherwise wonderful Art Deco hotel. It is not a good method to block a window.

A better solution would have been to dispense with the corner brackets and brass letters, have a plain painted panel filling the window and then attach an Art Deco inspired grille to the front.

Front Window Bars

Front window security bars

The birdcage

The security bars on the front window of this house look like the entrance to a birdcage. A bulky, boring and run of the mill solution for security bars. It’s at street level, facing the street and looks unbalanced on the window. The inspired choice of the guttering colour for the front window bars only adds to the humdrum effect.

Better design front window bars

This could have looked so much better if a better design for the front window had been installed. A more neutral colour would help to take the focus away from the existing installation. In many cases, security bar installations look uninspiring because the customer was trying to save money. It is false economy to get a cheap job done on such a prominent position of a building.

Lattice Window Grilles

Lattice window grilles based on traditional Chinese lattice designs can be found all over Taiwan. They can be seen used in many buildings including restaurants, shopping centres and hotels. Many fine examples of lattice window grilles can also be seen at many of the suburban railway stations while travelling on the MRT rail system. Below are two such examples.

Examples of lattice window grilles

At the Guandu station stop in Taipei can be found nicely designed lattice window grilles that are far more decorative than plain bars would have been. When visiting the famous Longshan Temple in Taipei don’t forget to check out the lattice grilles at the railway station there as well.

Open window lattice in Guandu railway station

Open window lattice in Guandu railway station, Taipei

Another example of lattice window grilles used at a railway station

Lattice window grilles at Longshan Temple railway station, Taipei