The Jalopy Shoppe – Gone!

The Jalopy Shoppe sign in August 2009

The Jalopy Shoppe sign in August 2009

The Jalopy Shoppe, that iconic piece of Sydney wall art painted on the side wall of 688 Parramatta Road Croydon is no more! Previously located at 690 Parramatta Road, the Jalopy Shoppe advertised their car yard business on the wall of the adjacent building with a huge green and black painting of a cartoon-like Model T Ford. It was a familiar sight to motorists for many years on the right hand side of Parramatta Road heading into the city. The business closed about 6 years ago but the sign remained.

Jalopy Shoppe painted over

Driving past several weeks ago I noticed that the sign had been painted over with a bland new advertisement. Such a pity for such a prominent site.

The sign can still be seen on Google street view. An image of the Jalopy Shoppe sign is reproduced from streetview below.

Jalopy Shoppe sign

Google street view of the sign

The newly painted wall

The newly painted wall - January 2011

4 thoughts on “The Jalopy Shoppe – Gone!

  1. Thank you for caring I was the proprietor of the Jalopy Shoppe. The wall art was designed and painted by my sign writer Pat O’Moore. Neither of us expected the sign to become such a landmark.

    • Credit where credit is due Colin. I’m thrilled that you found this post and was able to give some additional information on the artist who did the work.

  2. I haven,t been in touch with Pat for a number of years,he moved to Kurrajong to work from home . Pat is the only sign writer I ever used. Our relationship began around 1976, I always gave him full license to do whatever he thought best. I had no imagination,but liked to be different. My wife actually came up with the business name. Neither of us thought I would sell cars for more than $1500 when we started.

    • Hi Colin, you never know where a business is going to go until you get in there and *do it*. It’s heartening to see that it grew into such a success for both you and your wife. 🙂

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