Christmas Props

A number of props were required for the annual Westfield Eastgardens Christmas entertainments. They ranged from small hand props to larger props such as a practical letter box and coat rack.


Prop construction

All of the props were of simple construction. Making the letter box was the most involved job as it had to be free standing and be practical. The coat rack was purchased from Freedom Furniture and then reinforced and modified so it wouldn't easily topple.


The letters on the round shields were cut from 3mm MDF and covered in silver glitter before being attached to the 12mm ply circular shields. Small handles were fitted on the backs of the shields so they could be easily carried.


It is worth noting the Medieval scroll construction. As it would be handled most of the time the paper needed to be be robust. What was eventually used was white blind material. It is virtually indestructible and has the added bonus of being able to be put through a computer printer to print on Gothic text. The printer only jammed once. Below are some photos taken during the construction of the fans.


Letter Shields

X14 letter shields were made that spelt out MERRY CHRISTMAS. They were to be carried by children.

Christmas shield detail
Shield detail

The letters were cut in MDF and covered in silver glitter before being attached to the round shields.

Back of the Christmas shields
Shield back

Here are the handles on the backs of the shield for the children to hold.

Medieval scroll
Medieval scroll

Was made using white blind material

Feather duster
Feather duster

Red ostrich feathers got a new lease of life.

Santa's letterbox

Practical letterbox made from timber

Coat rack
Coat rack

Modified a commercially available unit.

Duck egg rack
Duck egg rack

Simple wooden egg rack with fake eggs.