Oversize coffee bean sculpture

Oversize coffee bean

A recent project involved making an oversize coffee bean prop for a product promotion of Nescafe Greenblend coffee. The client required the large three dimensional prop to be made in the shape of a heart to match the two dimensional product logo.


Coffee bean prop construction

A large 1200mm tall hero coffee bean was carved in polystyrene and from this a latex mould was made. Two oversize beans were then cast in fibreglass from the mould and joined together in the shape of a heart. The sculpture was then painted to match the colors of the Greenblend coffee logo.


To mount the coffee bean prop on its plinth a steel sleeve was constructed and fitted inside the coffee bean prior to assembly. This was used to fit a locating pin which slotted into a sleeve mounted in the plinth. Below are some "behind the scenes" photos taken during the construction of the oversize coffee bean prop.


Carved polystyrene coffee bean
Polystyrene carving

A hero bean was first carved in polystyrene

Finished latex mould
Latex mould

The hero bean was used to make a latex mould

Fitting steel support sleeve
Fitting support sleeve

A sleeve was needed inside to support the sculpture on a plinth

Joining the two coffee beans
Joining coffee beans

Once the two beans were aligned as required they were fibreglassed together