Custom built side cabinet

Custom side cabinet

This custom built side cabinet was designed by DecoWorks. The design is unusual in that it has tapered sides as well as curved front doors and drawers. The doors hinge from the centre in a similar way to gull wing doors on exotic cars.


The solid timber frame was Oak stained and hand polished inside and out with carnauba wax to give a rich sheen. The top is polished Italian Calacatta Ouro marble. The back panel has been rebated into the cabinet sides to give a flat side profile.


The curved front doors and drawers were made by laminating six sheets of plywood in a form under pressure. More detailed information on curved door construction can be found in the Decor-Blog.


Several new construction techniques needed to be developed in the course of the side cabinet construction due to the non-rectangular nature of the design.


Custom built side cabinet construction

The following pictures show different views of the side cabinet which highlight various aspects of the overall design. For those interested in more detail about the construction methods used to build the side cabinet refer to the links mentioned above.

Side cabinet front
Cabinet front

Cabinet front doors
Front doors

The doors needed to hinge from the centre because of the shape of the cabinet

door profile
Door profile

This shows the profile of the doors opened and closed

Marble top
Marble top

The polished Italian Calacatta Ouro marble top