Garden armillary sphere

Armillary sphere

The addition of a garden armillary sphere to your garden or lawn is a great way to introduce an interesting focal point to the garden landscape. This large DecoWorks garden armillary sphere has been fitted onto a stone column in the centre of a circular tiered garden bed made of stone.


Garden armillary sphere description

The armillary sphere (from the Latin "Armillae", or ring) is a representation of the celestial sphere with the Earth at its centre. It was used by ancient astronomers to describe the motions of the stars and planets across the sky relative to the Earth.


Two colure rings are fixed at right angles to each other which forms a skeleton sphere around the central north/south earth axis. Around the middle of the colure frame is the equatorial ring which represents the equator of the Earth. The tropic rings are located 23.5 degrees above and below the equatorial ring. Similarly 23.5 degrees from the north and south poles are the polar rings representing the arctic and antarctic circles.


Around all these rings lies the ecliptic ring which is divided into the twelve signs of the Zodiac. This is because it represents the path of these constellations across the sky relative to the Earth. Strictly speaking there are 13 constellations around the ecliptic - Ophiuchus is usually omitted.


Supporting these armillae is a vertical ring called the meridian ring which is divided into 360 degrees. This in turn sits inside the horizontal horizon ring.


Rock feature

This large garden armillary sphere has outer rings measuring one metre in diameter. The inner sphere measures 720mm in diameter with a 150mm diameter stainless steel sphere representing the Earth inside. They can be made to any diameter required or the design can be simplified to suit your budget.