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Oversize music box dancer base

DecoWorks prop making services can help you solve all the props requirements for your next theatrical production, promotion or display. Our demonstrated expertise in providing quality prop making services guarantees you the best value for money around. We specialise in theatrical prop making and design by drawing on the experience gained from twenty years of making props and designing theatrical effects for Opera Australia in Sydney. We can provide advice on the best way to approach your requirements if you have budget restraints.


Some examples of the quality and variety of our past projects can be found following the links listed below.


Giant number one
Giant Number One

Free standing steel frame in the shape of a giant number one. .

Giant number one link
Wayside Chapel Winged Heart
Wayside Chapel Flying Heart

Giant 3D Wayside Chapel logo with animated flapping wings operated by compressed air.

Flying heart prop link
Doctor Zhivago props
Theatrical Props

Produced most props for the world premiere of Doctor Zhivago which opened at the Sydney Lyric Theatre in February 2011.

Doctor Zhivago Props link
Giant crown display table prop
Giant Crown Prop

Giant sized crown shaped table used to display a special birthday cake.

Giant crown display prop
Japanese lanterns from The Mikado
Prop Japanese Lanterns

Five large Japanese lantern props were made for Opera Queensland's 2012 production of "The Mikado".

Prop Japanese Lanterns link
Giant music box prop
Giant Music Box prop

Giant round music box designed for a live ballerina to dance on top

Flying heart prop link
Steel display frames
X3 Display Frames

Three 2.1m high rectangular steel frames for floral displays.

Steel display frames link
Large coffee bean sculpture
Display Prop

Oversize coffee bean prop made for a Nescafe Greenblend promotion. Made to match the 2D product logo.

Coffee Bean display prop
Motorised Santa sleigh
Motorised Santa Sleigh

A Santa sleigh prop was required that fitted over the top of a mobility scooter so it looked like Santa was riding around in a motorised sleigh.

Santa Sleigh link
Large Japanese fans
Prop Japanese Fans

Built for Queensland Opera's 2012 production of The Mikado. The seven fans were three metres in diameter.

Mikado fans link
Janna's Staff - League of Legends cosplay prop
Cosplay Janna's Staff

This fibreglass "League of Legends" Janna's staff cosplay prop was made for use at the PAX convention held in Melbourne in July 2013.

Janna's Staff link
Oversize ballet music box
Prop Music Box

This oversize prop music box had a ballet dancer performing on the top. The music box design needed to be simple and elegant.

Music Box link
The Holtermann nugget replica
Nugget Display Prop

A display prop of the Holtermann gold nugget formed part of the "Greatest Wonder of the World" exhibition which was held at the State Library of NSW in February 2013.

Holtermann Nugget Replica
Oversize alphabet letters
Promotional Props

A winter fashion promotion featured the models interacting with oversize alphabet letters spelling WINTER.

Alphabet Letter link
52 Storey Tree House propsr
Theatrical Props

A selection of small hand props built for the new stage production of the 52 Storey Tree House, a very popular children's book series.

Theatre props link
Oversize knife and fork
Oversize Knife and Fork

This two metre long Jean Nouvel designer knife and fork display prop was required to hang vertically on a restaurant wall.

Oversize Knife and Fork link
Christmas shields
Christmas Props

Several small props, including a practical letter box and coat rack, were built for a Christmas show. Shown here are X14 shields which spell Merry Christmas.

Christmas Shields link
Dancers costume props
Dancers Costume Props

Several costume props were made for the Sydney Dance Company in March 2010 when they presented the world premiere of "Are We That We Are" created and directed by Adam Linder.

Dancers Costume Props
Oversize red highchair
Red Highchair Prop

This oversize high chair stood two metres tall and was designed to comfortably seat an adult. It was built from a concept drawing provided by the client.

Oversize Red Highchair link
Prop aquarium fish mechanism
Fish Mechanism

The prop aquarium used in "Strictly Ballroom - the Musical" needed a mechanism that made fish look like they were swimming around.

Prop Aquarium
Santa's reindeer feedbag game activity
Reindeer Activity Prop

This Santa's reindeer feed bag game was made to entertain children in the lead up to Christmas. They had to throw balls into a reindeer feed bag to win prizes.

Reindeer Feedbag Game
daguerreotype camera
Daguerreotype Camera Prop

This practical prop daguerreotype camera was built for "The Greatest Wonder of the World" exhibition held at the State Library.

Daguerreotype Camera
Promotional street signs
Prop Street Signs

X9 full size street signs with detachable, double-sided signs for a fashion promotion.

Prop street signs link
Large circular display frame
Circular display frame

Large two metre diameter circular display frame which disassembles for transport

circular display frame link