Silk flame prop fireplace

Silk flame fireplace

There are many times when a theatrical silk flame effect should be used on stage. Using real candles or raging bonfires has been done in the past but to avoid the very real danger of starting an unrehearsed fire on stage the silk flame alternative is the preferred option. You can read a description of using electric lamps in prop electric candles showing how well they work.


The fire in the prop fireplace on the left is a battery operated theatrical effect designed and built by David Wilson.


A cool prop with a silk flame

Two small cooling fans provide the airflow to "flutter" specially shaped pieces of silk which are fixed to a wire mesh over an array of halogen lamps. Timber pieces are arranged in the front of the light box to enhance the theatrical effect.


You can read a detailed step by step description on making the silk flame effect. The pictures below gives a broad overview and a closer look at the silk flame.


Fan unit
Fan unit

Two 12V car fans were used to create a strong but silent flow of air to flutter the silk.

Halogen lamps
Halogen lamps

12V halogen lamps were fitted across the fireplace grill and fed through a flicker circuit to vary their brightness.

Completed fireplace unit
Completed unit

Here the fan unit is in place under the halogen lamps with assorted logs fitted to the front. The gel box with the silks is placed on the top to finish the effect.

Fire effect
In operation

An entirely convincing fire effect was created.