PLAZA style Art Deco Security Bars

Plaza design styles

The PLAZA style Art Deco security bar range is based on a classic Art Deco fan motif. A feature of this design is the total lack of horizontal and vertical lines in the design which eliminates the feeling of being locked in a cage.


Below are various installations of the PLAZA design which takes it's name from the Plaza Theatre in Lamar, Missouri USA.


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Art Deco Folding Security Panels
PLAZA Folding Security Panels

Art Deco style folding security panels for the Reagh Bar in the Sydney CBD.

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Plaza style front gate
PLAZA Style Front gate

This PLAZA front gate makes a great entrance to this terrace front courtyard.

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Art Deco security facade
PLAZA Security Facade

This PLAZA style Art Deco security entrance facade on a townhouse in Darlinghurst covered the whole front area of the apartment.

Art Deco Security Facade link
Plaza Art Deco entry gates
PLAZA Double Entry Gates

PLAZA style Art Deco entry gates for a suburban apartment block in Sydney.

Plaza double entry gates link
Plaza Art Deco security door silhouette
PLAZA Style Silhouette

This PLAZA installation has an optional insect screen built into the frame and presents a pleasing silhouette when the front door is open.

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Plaza Art Deco security bars for window
PLAZA Window Security Bars

Custom window bars were built by adapting the PLAZA security door design to fit the two front windows of this Sydney terrace.

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Plaza Art Deco gates
PLAZA Driveway Gates

An installation of a set of PLAZA style Art Deco driveway gates.

 Driveway Gates link
Plaza Art Deco security door
PLAZA Security Door

An installation of a PLAZA style Art Deco security door on a semi-detached suburban home in Sydney.

Plaza Security Door link