Arched Security Door

Princess arched security door

The Princess arched security door design takes its inspiration from the arched architectural wall decoration above the front window and door of this Sydney terrace house. Security bars were also made for the front window that matched the arched security door.


The Princess arch theme was also used for other security doors and windows fitted throughout the rest of the house.


The Princess design uses an arched door instead of the usual rectangular type. This reflects the architectural arch decoration on the terrace and visually makes the security bars a more integral part of the facade.


Arched Security door construction

A feature of the Decoworks Princess arched security door are the concentric arch motifs. It is uncommon to have several concentric arches within the same framework due to the additional effort required to roll the steel to a specific radius. Different sizes of steel are also used in the construction adding a sense of perspective to the design. The extra effort is apparent in the final installation and sets the design apart from similar commercially available options.


Front of house
Front of house

Front window security bars detail
Front window detail