Medieval display cabinets

Argyle Oracle display cases

Seven Medieval display cabinets were built for the interior decor of Sydney's finest psychic centre, The Argyle Oracle, from an original design concept by William Marron.


David Wilson drafted floor plans and drawings of the seven display cases. From these CAD drawings the DXF files were produced for laser cutting the parts.


Once all the parts for the medieval display cabinets were laser cut they were painted and assembled. The completed cabinets were then installed in the shop by both William and David.


Construction of the medieval display cabinets

The picture (below left) shows a section of the display cabinet CAD drawing. Since the Argyle Oracle is in a heritage listed building nothing could be attached to walls to secure the cabinets in position. They had to be made to fit precisely into the rooms and be structurally self supporting. This is where the power of CAD was used to great advantage.


Below are photos of two smaller medieval display cabinets that were made later for a Crystal Room at the rear of the shop. These had lockable display doors to secure the display items. They were stabilised with the addition of a corner unit which locked the cabinets into an "L" configuration.

Front room Medieval cabinets
Front room cabinets

The Medieval cabinets in the front room of the shop

Crystal room

The two right hand side cabinets

Crystal Room Medieval display cases
Crystal room

The left hand side cabinet showing a little bit of the corner unit.

Front room Medieval display cases
Front room cabinets

The two main cabinets in the rear of the main shop