Art Deco driveway gates

Plaza Art Deco front gates

An installation of a set of Plaza style Art Deco gates seen here looking out to the street from the driveway which highlights the design features. The driveway of this semi-detached house in Sydney has been enhanced considerably with the new gates.


The previous gates were in a poor state of repair so the owner decided on a new custom set of gates to match his recently installed Plaza Art Deco security door. Several variations were presented until the owner settled on these Art Deco gates.


Stylish Art Deco gates

The Plaza is one of a number of Art Deco inspired designs by DecoWorks for doors, windows and gates. The Plaza design is based on the classic Art Deco fan shape and has no horizontal or vertical lines. This give it a pleasing look and makes it a good choice for many situations. Gates with more traditional designs look like every other gate on the street but the clean lines of the Plaza give a stylish and elegant air to the entrance of the driveway.


The Plaza design has been previously registered with IP Australia.


Street view of gates
Street view of gates

Gate latch
Gate latch closed

Latch released
Gate unlatched