Art Deco security door with screen

Plaza security door

Here is an installation of the Plaza style Art Deco security door on a semi-detached suburban house in Sydney. Security doors are an unfortunate reality in today's cities but that is no reason to have security bars that make you feel you are trapped in a cage.


The Plaza is one of a series of Art Deco security door styles designed by DecoWorks that can be adapted to any door, window or gate and is based on a classic Art Deco fan design.


Custom built Art Deco security bars and grilles

The Plaza design of Art Deco security bars and grilles avoids the use of horizontal and vertical bars which eliminates the feeling of being trapped as is the case with traditional designs that use vertical or horizontal bars. This Plaza installation has an optional insect screen built into the frame and presents a pleasing silhouette when the front door is open.


The Plaza design has previously been registered with IP Australia as an Art Deco security facade.


Plaza silhouette
Plaza silhouette

The Plaza design has a pleasing outlook when viewed from inside

Plaza security door
Another Plaza installation

Another Plaza security door on a Surry Hills terrace house.

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