Art Deco security entrance facade

Art Deco entrance facade

This was the first PLAZA style Art Deco security entrance facade that was installed on a townhouse in the Sydney suburb of Darlinghurst. The addition of steel security bars gives you peace of mind in today's world but that doesn't mean you have to feel like you are living in a cage. This was particularly true of this small apartment which had a mezzanine level bedroom and double height windows at the front making it feel very exposed.


The PLAZA range of Art Deco security bars and grilles avoids the more traditional approach of using horizontal and vertical lines in security bar design. Our designs can be easily tailored to suit any door, window or gate and provide an attractive and stylish alternative to more commercially available products.


The PLAZA Art Deco security design is unique to DecoWorks and has previously been registered with IP Australia.


The Art Deco security door and matching window grilles on this PLAZA installation is based on the classic Art Deco fan design. The soaring fan motif and sunburst radiants convey an overall uplifting and joyous feeling to the door and surrounding windows while providing security and peace of mind to the occupant inside.