Art Deco security windows

Strand security window

The owner of a free standing house in the Sydney suburb of Alexandria wanted the design of their Plaza Art Deco security door carried across to the windows at the front of the house.


Custom window bars were built by adapting the Plaza security door design to be accommodated across the two front windows.


The aim of the Art Deco security bars design was to unify the two windows into a single design element rather than having two separate bar units for each window.



Plaza security bars and grilles

Strand security door

The Plaza range of Art Deco security bars and grilles have no horizontal or vertical bars in the design which gives them an uplifting and joyous quality.


Traditional security for doors and windows generally have horizontal or vertical bars which give the occupants of the home a feeling of being trapped in a cage. With the Plaza security door locked the main door can be left open with confidence while providing a pleasing silhouette.


The Plaza design has been previously registered with IP Australia.