Giant Number One


Giant number ONE assembled

Giant number ONE assembled

This giant number ONE was built as a centre piece for a first birthday party. The number stands 2.5m tall and is 1.6m wide at the base.

For ease of transport the number ONE splits into two pieces. Steel pins on each of the four uprights sleeve inside the top part of the frame for assembly.

The framework is made from 20mm steel RHS tube and painted white. A small platform was built into the base to give the option for a high chair to be placed inside the framework. The platform would raise the high chair so it was more central inside the frame.

Giant number one disassembled for travelling

Number ONE disassembled for travelling

Giant ONE display

Giant ONE display installation
(courtesy Serena Cece photography)

Steel Display Frames

Steel display frames

Steel display frames X3

A simple yet effective method for displaying flowers or any object for that matter is to put them into steel display frames. They highlight the objects on display by making them seem as if they are in display cases and imparts a feeling of exclusivity to the items.

These steel frames are made from 25mm square steel tube and are 2.1m tall, 65cm wide and 30cm deep. Painted gloss black they are free standing and can easily be moved around. This type of frame can easily be made in any size to suit your individual requirements.

It is a good idea to fasten the base to the floor or have a strong fishing line tether attached to the tops of the frames to prevent them from falling over if accidentally bumped by a curious patron.