Silk Flame Campfire Prop


Battery operated silk flame campfire prop

Battery operated silk flame campfire prop

This silk flame campfire prop was made for a theatrical production that needed a safe but realistic campfire effect onstage. Real pieces of timber were arranged around a circle leaving a space in the middle to accommodate a rectangular light box.

The light box was made from ply with several non-symmetrical holes cut in the sides with orange gel glued over them. Two small electric fans were mounted in the bottom of the light box along with three amber 12V automotive stop lamps mounted on the inside of the box.

Three layers of 10mm egg crate diffuser was fitted on the top of the light box to stabilise the airflow and to provide a platform to mount the silk for the flame effect.

Two of the 12V lamps were connected to a flickering candle effect so their intensity varied over time. The fans and lamps were run on a small 12V 9Ah battery. A long lead with a switch was used to control the campfire when it was on stage.

Timber arranged with a space for the light box

Timber arranged with a space for the light box

Top view of light box with the egg crate diffuser removed

Top view of light box with the egg crate diffuser removed

Below is a brief video of the silk flame campfire in operation.

Another Headstone Inscription Repair

Repaired headstone inscription

Completed headstone inscription repair

Here is another headstone inscription repair that we recently completed. In this case the inscription had been painted black and, over time, all the paint had worn away leaving only the engraved lettering in the marble headstone.

The engraved inscription was in very good condition so it responded very well to our repair process which involved cleaning the marble, masking the areas around the lettering, applying a polyester adhesive to fill the engraved lettering and finally sanding off the excess to reveal the inscription.

These steps are described in the photos below and also in this post .

Original headstone inscription

Original headstone with difficult to read lettering due to faded paint infill

Masking tape around lettering

The area around the lettering is masked off for ease of sanding

Applied polyester adhesive filler

The polyester adhesive filler is applied to the inscription with a spatula

Sanding the inscription

Sanding back the polyester adhesive filler with wet’n’dry abrasive paper