Block A Window


Block a window

Blocking out a window

There are times when you need to block a window. The attempt shown in the photo is unimaginative and uses far too many wooden corner brackets from Bunnings. If that wasn’t bad enough to block a window they have used a piece of unfinished cheap plywood as a cover. To really make it look terrible they have used walnut wood stain which highlights the tacky grain pattern of the plywood.

No effort has been made to hide the screw heads securing everything and the name (photoshopped out to save embarrassment!) are large brass house letters, also from Bunnings.

No way to block a window

There are two of these windows that have been blocked in this manner and, being quite large, are a real eyesore on an otherwise wonderful Art Deco hotel. It is not a good method to block a window.

A better solution would have been to dispense with the corner brackets and brass letters, have a plain painted panel filling the window and then attach an Art Deco inspired grille to the front.

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