Giant Coffee Beans


Coffee beans Print logo

Print logo

Just completed making two giant one metre long coffee beans joined together in the shape of a heart. It was made for a local production company whose client, Nestle, wanted the large coffee beans sculpture to promote their Greenblend coffee product in shopping centres.

Coffee beans heart

The reference for the coffee beans was the print logo shown top right. The coffee beans sculpture was first carved in polystyrene from which a latex mould was made. The sections for the two beans were first cast in fibreglass from the latex mould. The fibreglass sections were then joined together in the shape of a heart and attached to a plinth by an internal steel sleeve. Construction in fibreglass was chosen because it would stand up much better to being transported from place to place and also the bumps and knocks to which it would be subjected.

More details of the construction can be found on this link.

Giant coffee bean sculpture

Completed giant coffee bean sculpture

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