Kaohsiung Confucius Temple


Confucius temple lattice

At first glance it looks like wooden lattice

It costs a lot of money for the maintenance of buildings particularly those with important cultural value like the Confucius temple in Kaohsiung. Repairs and replacements need to reflect the original. To save money shortcuts are sometimes made with disastrous results.

Fake lattice at Confucius temple

The Confucius Temple on Lotus Lake in the southern Taiwan city of Kaohsiung is a case in point. What appears to be traditional Chinese lattice on all the doors surrounding the inner quadrangle, on closer inspection, turn out to be thin plywood cut-outs glued either side of perspex windows. They are poorly cut and sealed resulting in the plywood delaminating over time and falling from the windows.

It’s a pity more money wasn’t spent the first time around so the job at the Confucius temple could have been done properly.

Confucius temple plywood lattice

Plywood cutout lattice with perspex

Confucius temple delaminated plywood cutouts

Delaminated plywood cutouts

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