Lattice Window Grilles


Lattice window grilles based on traditional Chinese lattice designs can be found all over Taiwan. They can be seen used in many buildings including restaurants, shopping centres and hotels. Many fine examples of lattice window grilles can also be seen at many of the suburban railway stations while travelling on the MRT rail system. Below are two such examples.

Examples of lattice window grilles

At the Guandu station stop in Taipei can be found nicely designed lattice window grilles that are far more decorative than plain bars would have been. When visiting the famous Longshan Temple in Taipei don’t forget to check out the lattice grilles at the railway station there as well.

Open window lattice in Guandu railway station

Open window lattice in Guandu railway station, Taipei

Another example of lattice window grilles used at a railway station

Lattice window grilles at Longshan Temple railway station, Taipei

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