Plaza Security Door


This is a recent installation of the Decoworks Art Deco Plaza security door. The door had an insect screen built into the frame at the owners request. The doors are made from steel and are of rugged construction which is reason enough to spend that little bit more on a custom made security door rather than a mass produced product.

Stylish Art Deco security bars and grilles

There are many companies who supply security door products in a wide range of styles. Their designs tend to be simple and easy to manufacture and are really just variations of plain vertical bars usually associated with prisons or birdcages.

The Plaza security door design is one of a series of Art Deco security doors designed and produced exclusively by DecoWorks. Other Art Deco security designs in the range include the Casablanca, the Inca, the Zen and the Odeon. The Plaza security door designs can be adapted to suit any situation including windows and gates.

Plaza security door

Plaza security door

Silhouette of Art Deco security door

Silhouette from the hallway

The silhouette of the Art Deco security door shown above is another good reason to choose a custom designed door.