Princess Double Arched Security Door

Double arched security doors

This Princess double arched security door makes an attractive addition to these front balcony doors leading from the upstairs main bedroom of this Sydney terrace. The security bars compliment the existing double balcony doors and also include matching side and top grilles for added security. The complete design can be seen in the construction layout photo shown below.


The Princess double arched design evolved from the existing double door configuration and the additional windows on either side and top of the balcony entry. The silhouette of the security doors is pleasing and doesn't convey any feelings of being locked in a cage.


Security door design and construction

For ease of installation the side sections and top grille unit were built separately and installed prior to the hanging of the doors. Once the side sections were fixed to the walls and floor the top grille was fastened in place completing the rigid support structure for the two doors. The doors simply drop into their hinges and are locked in place by steel tabs once they are closed. The security bars are finished in black enamel.

Making the security doors
Workshop layout

Checking the assembly on the workshop floor before installation

Door silhouette
Door silhouette

Another view through the doors from the bedroom.

Exterior view of doors
Exterior view

Balcony view of the Princess security doors showing side and top detail.