Gas lantern replica

Replica Covent Garden lantern

The classic opening scene of "My Fair Lady" is a market scene in Covent Garden outside St. Paul's church in London. The church has very specific gas lanterns fitted to its wall. A prop replica of these large gas lanterns was required to replicate St Paul's on stage.


Making the prop replica gas lantern

A timber replica of the gas lantern was made using the CAD drawing drafted from the reference photo provided by the designer (see below). A mould was made of the timber copy and from this a fibreglass cast was taken with a steel support structure fitted inside. An acrylic salad bowl was used for the glass shade.


The photo on the right shows the gas lantern prop fitted to the stage set wall on stage at the Festival Theatre in Melbourne.


St Paul's gas lantern
Reference photo

St Paul's gas lantern.

Lantern CAD drawing
CAD drawing

The CAD drawing made from the reference photo.

Fitting steel support
Fitting steel support

The steel support is being fibreglassed inside the fibreglass body. This is before the top half is fibreglassed to the bottom section.

Lantern detail
Lantern detail

Detail photo showing the plastic salad bowl used as the lamp shade.