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About the company
Props Gallery
Security Bars Gallery
Decor Items Gallery

Opera Australia props and effects Gallery (This can only be reached through a link in "About the company" and "Props Gallery" pages)

Props Gallery
Christmas props
Oversize coffee bean sculpture
Daguerreotype camera prop
Dancer costume props
Doctor Zhivago props
Large fan mechanisms
Japanese lanterns
Holtermann gold nugget replica
Wayside Chapel winged heart

Security Bars Gallery
Arched security door
Art Deco driveway gates
Art Deco security door
Art Deco security door with screen
STRAND Art Deco security door
Art Deco security entrance facade
Art Deco security windows
REGENT Art Deco security doors
Collapsible security doors
PRINCESS double arched security door
PLAZA style security bars
PRINCESS style security bars

Decor Items Gallery
Medieval display cabinets
Custom built side cabinet
Large display cabinet
Garden armillary sphere
Regent Theatre Art Deco chandelier
Replica Art Deco chandelier
Stainless steel armillary sphere

Opera Australia Props and Effects Gallery
Armillary sphere
Blood spurting razor prop
Breakable sword prop
Empire crystal chandelier
Extending wing mechanism
Driveable Fiat Bambino prop
Prop gold chandelier
Scissor lift mechanism
Perspex candelabra
Gas lantern replica
Telescopic spike raising mechanism
Silk flame prop fireplace
Replica Wright Cyclone radial engine

The "Lady be Good" story (this can only be reached through a link in the "Replica Wright Cyclone radial engine" page)


There are many blog posts that appear as links in the relevant main Gallery pages.
To avoid confusion all Deco-Blog posts are listed once in the categories listed below.

Deco-Blog Pages
Decor-blog Home Page
Chinese lattice
Corner brackets
Decor disasters
Prop making tips (Contains links to all tips & techniques posts)

Prop related posts
Concave table base
Giant sized music box
Giant number ONE
Steel display frames
Large crown display table
Oversize music box dancer base
Japanese style pillar lights
Circular display frame
52 Storey tree House props
Promotional street signs
Moving fish mechanism
Reindeer feed bag game
Janna's staff cosplay prop
Giant sized high chair
Making daguerrotype camera prop parts
Christmas letterbox construction
Christmas props
Prop Japanese lanterns for Mikado
Japanese lantern construction
Oversize alphabet letters
Large Japanese fan props
Oversize knife and fork
Santa sleigh
Oversize music box
Giant coffee beans
Theatrical period cane
Making a breakable sword

Tips & techniques posts
Laminating plywood for large crown
Making foam wings
Making a giant heart
Urethane foam casting technique
Paint tin disposal
Oriental style finials
Concrete footings for bridge
Japanese bridge posts and rails
Japanese bridge main arch
Making a custom hinge
Headstone lettering repair
Repair headstone lettering
Removable staff end
Making cabinet sides and assembly
Cabinet door cutting
Making curved cabinet doors
Making wooden chairs
Block a window
Metallic coloured silk flowers
Making a large cactus mould
Making large mould armatures
Plaster bandage moulds
Prop bookshelf
Making silicone moulds
Making latex moulds
Making fibreglass moulds
Making plaster moulds
Making prop candles
Prop beer mugs
Gold leafing gilding
Simple lathe
Hand polish steel
Realistic flame effect
Making latex bladders

Security Bars and related posts
ODEON art Deco security doors
Custom front entrance gates
Art Deco front gate
Stainless steel security grille
Artistic security bars
REGAL Art Deco security door
Inter War Art Deco security bars
PRINCESS kitchen window bars
PRINCESS arched security bars
STRAND security door
Art Deco STRAND security door
Steel bars for collapsible security doors
Simple window security bars
Art Deco Casablanca
Art Deco Gates
PLAZA Art Deco security door
Front window security bars
Stainless steel security door
Restored Art Deco security door
Front gate restoration
Custom side gates
Art Deco folding security panels
Security side gates
PLAZA Art Deco gates
Security Door Redesign
Deco Style Front Gate
Custom Screen Door

Interesting posts
The Greatest Wonder of the World exhibition
Wollemia Urology website
Qantas 1997 redirection post
Qantas 747 Jumbo float
Bird mobile for garden
Illuminated organ console surrounds
Art Deco space shuttle patch
New Decoworks website
Art Deco theatre names
Monster gold nugget story
The Holtermann nugget
Illuminated surround for Orpheum Wurlitzer
Garden armillary
Harbour Town armillary
Galvanised steel
Mitre saw dust guard
Pania of the reef in Napier
The Jalopy Shoppe - gone
Fred Astaire dance props
Mobile phone tower diguise
Moroccan minaret jamour
The Haydon Orpheum revisited
Bamboo scaffolding
Bamboo fence disguise
Bamboo downpipe disguise
Dragon motif
Taoist dragon
Kaohsuing Confucious temple
The Savage Dodo bird
Grand hotel, Taipei
Regent theatre Art Deco chandelier
Rustic Australian carport
Rubbish bin disguise
Window grille
Garden lattice
Art Deco elevator doors
Iron lace fringing
Verandah support
Missing brackets
Modern steel verandah
Weak verandah support
Great steel gates
Lattice window grilles
Lattice screen divider
Chinese Islamic decor
More Xidi lattice
Steel lattice
Hongcun village lattice
Chinese lattice in Zhouzhuang
Sydney Dance Company show
Chinese lattice in Xidi
The old town Shanghai
Yuyuan garden in Shanghai
The Ice Ray design
Art Deco in China
Art Deco street lamp
Art Deco marble doorway
Feature film props
Going to Mars
Star Wars exhibition
MAKE magazine
Opera Australia 20yr hanging

Decor related posts
Stainless garden armillary
Armillary sphere support
Stainless steel armillary sphere
Garden armillary rock feature
Creek bridge repair
Japanese bridge for the garden
Steel mosaic table base
Coffee table
Tin roof for hose reel
The Professionals seriesware plates
Art Deco Ironman artwork
Art Deco super hero posters
Chinese cloisonne enamelware
Art Deco chandelier
Art Nouveax gate